The Northern Kentucky Agritourism Network puts your family in touch with America’s heartland, the family farm. Watch as long time traditions are reborn and slow life down a bit with the sights, sounds and flavors of an America many of us have never experienced. We invite you to be our guest in the beautiful nearby country of Northern Kentucky.

What is Agritourism?

The American working farm is a treasure threatening to be lost to our future generations. Farming was and still is the backbone of America and while industry and the times have changed how modern-day farms operate, there are still family run farms all over the U.S. and Northern Kentucky. Visiting these farms for a rare escape into the golden age of American life is what we call Agritourism.

Agritourism is a way for your family to enjoy some of the richest land in the country. Family farms all over the state have opened their barn doors and rolling hills to the public, with tons of activities for the whole family. Winemaking, crafts, produce, farm-raised meats, and interaction with some of the farms more cuddly creatures are all things you’ll find in Northern Kentucky’s Agritourism Network. Activities last all year round, ranging from hayrides and pumpkin picking, to horse trails and pig roasts. Bond with your family, learn something new and enjoy life on the American farm, right in your backyard.